Pensacola Model Railroad Club

HO Division


Minutes of the Business Meeting

of December 1, 2019


I. The business meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by President Charles Tucker.

Officers attending: President Charles Tucker, Vice-president Jerry DuPont, Treasurer Bill Little, Secretary Reed Ostrander.

Members attending: Banks Edwards, Steve Grenot, Dustin Kelmer, Andrew Keiderling, Chuck Mudford, Sean O’Brien, Richard Simmons; Visitor:

            A. Announcements

1. The next run session(s) will be at 6:00 PM December 13 and 20 at the Clubhouse. Grill on at 5:00 pm. Inform Bill if you intend to eat.

2. The next business meeting will be held at 6:30PM at the Clubhouse on Jan., 6, 2020. Grill on at 5:30 pm. Inform Bill if you intend to eat.

                        3. The next work session will be at 3:00 PM on December 13, 2019.

                        4. Thanks to Chuck, Jerry and Reed for their work on the roundhouse.

                                    a. All the turnouts are operating.

                        5. Thanks to Bill for cooking at meetings.

                        6. Thanks to Jerry for serving as Vice President during 2919.

B. Minutes of the previous meeting of November 4, 2019 were read by Secretary Reed Ostrander.

                        1.  Steve moved acceptance and was seconded by Banks.

                                    a. The minutes were accepted as written.

            C. The treasurer’s report was presented by Bill Little.

                        1. As of this date there is $1004.57 in the treasury.

2. Some train sets (3) may need to be paid for by the Club. Not all were subcribed for by the membership.

                                    a.  Banks moved acceptance and was seconded by Destin.

                                    b. The report was accepted as presented.

            D. Old Business

                        1. Election of officers for 2020:

                                    a. The election slate is as follows:

                                                1) President - Charles Tucker

                                                2) Vice President - Steve Grenot

                                                3) Treasurer- Bill Little

                                                4) Secretary - Reed Ostrander

b. Because there there are no contested offices, Banks moved the slate be elected by acclamation.

                                                1) There was no dissent and the officer’s slate as above is elected for 2020.

2. There will be no attendance at the NAS Children’s Christmas this year. Watch for further information from President Tucker re attendance at a possible spring NAS children’s show.

3. The Ronald McDonald layout will begin soon. Watch for information from President Tucker re set up and run days. Run times will be 5:30 to 6:oo pm each day until Christmas.

            E. New Business

1. The next show will be the Mobile Via show on March 14 and 15. Set up  on March 13.

2. There will be a NMRA, Southeast Region, Gulf Division 4 Mini Meet on March 14 in conjunction with the Mobile Via show. Clinics in the morning and field trip(s) in the afternoon. See the winter Southerner for more information.

3. There will be a roundhouse run training session following the January business meeting.

4. Reed will do a “quickie” demo of track ballasting at the February Club meeting.

5. Do not set up the yard at the TrainFest until Jerry has a chance to solder a broken cable connector.

            F. Good and welfare

                        1. Steve will send Chip a get well “now”  card.

            F. The meeting was adjourned at 7:00pm


            Respectfully Submitted by  D. Reed Ostrander

            Secretary PMRC HO Division