Pensacola Model Railroad Club

HO Division


Minutes of the business meeting

of May 5, 2009

I. The business meeting was called to order at 6:48 PM by President Ron Hartman.

Members attending: President Ron Hartman, Vice-president Steve Grenot, Treasurer Dennis McDermott, Secretary Reed Ostrander, Members Chip Borona, Banks Edwards, Bill Little, Jackie Nelson, Charles Tucker, and James Schrivener (new member).

            A. Announcements

1. The next business meeting will be on June 2, 2009 at 6:30 PM at Ronís daughterís house on Southern Oaks Drive in Cantonment.

2. There will be a work session May 23 at 10:00 AM at Ronís daughterís house on Southern Oaks Drive in Cantonment.

B. Minutes of the previous meeting of May 5, 2009 were read by Secretary Reed Ostrander.

                        1.Steve moved acceptance and seconded by Charles.

                                    a. The minutes were accepted as written.

            C. There was no treasurerís report.                       

            D. Old Business

1. Reed read a letter form The Miracle Strip Model Railroad Club thanking us for attending their first annual model train show at Uptown Station in Fort Walton Beach.

                        2. Bob Murphy has found a source of doing the trailer graphics for $300.00.

                                    a. Various suggestions were made for the art work:

                                                1) rear end of a caboose on the rear of the trailer

2) engines with smoke swoosh on sides spelling out PENSACOLA MODEL RAILROAD CLUB HO DIVISION

3) engine front end on front of trailer with number boards displaying 2003

            E. New Business

                        1. Ron suggested that we buy a 1 year tag for the trailer

                                    a. So moved by Banks and seconded by Steve

                                    b. Motion passed

                        2. Ron will be coordinator for the Hadji show

                        3. Members who agreed to attend the Dothan show in September 2009 are:

                                    a. Chip, Ron, Reed, Steve, Bob M.

                        4. Work needing to be done:

                                    a. Permanently set up buildings on sawmill module.

b. Revise the yard modules following Reedís plan but with a 2 ft section to carry the yard entry switches. Match road on right mainline module to road on bridge.

                                    c. Match end of road on refinery corner to road on bridge. 

                                    d. Touch-up paint on sky boards.

e. Clean Cinch-Jones plug contacts on modules especially on power cabinet plugs.

5. Dennis pointed out that the old source for Club shirts was no longer in operation.

                                    a. We need a new source.

6. Ron asked for a show of hands of those who will be at Hadji on Friday the 12th of June at 2:00 PM to help set up.

                                    a. Ron, Steve, Reed, Banks, Bill, Bob M., Chip, Jackie and James.

            F. The meeting was adjourned at 8:04 PM


Respectfully Submitted by  D. Reed Ostrander


            PMRC HO Division


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