Pensacola Model Railroad Club

HO Division


Minutes of the Business Meeting

of December 3, 2018


I. The business meeting was called to order at 6:36 PM by President Charles Tucker.

Members attending: President Charles Tucker, Treasurer Bill Little. Members: Jerry DuPont, Banks Edwards, Andrew Keiderling, Jacob Navarro, Reed Ostrander, Richard Simmons.

A. Announcements

*1. This meeting was called to order without a quorum present. The actions of this meeting will have to be accepted by action of the next business meeting January 7,  2019.

2. The next run session(s) will be at 6:00 PM on December 10 and 17. Grill on at 5:30 pm. Inform Bill if you intend to eat.

3. The next business meeting will be held at 6:30PM at Bill Little’s Train Shed^ on January 7, 2019. Grill on at 5:30 pm. Inform Bill if you intend to eat.

B. Minutes of the previous meeting of November 5, 2018 were read by Secretary Pro Tem Reed Ostrander.

1. Banks moved acceptance and was seconded by Jerry.

                                    a. The minutes were accepted as written.

C. The treasurer’s report was presented by Bill Little.

1. As of this date there is $457.00 in the treasury.

                                    a.  Banks moved acceptance and was seconded by Reed.

                                    b. The report was accepted as presented.

D. Old Business

1. Reed is giving 2 talks to the Leisure Learning group. One on model railroading and one on modern railroading around the world.

2. Need to decide on boosters for roundhouse modules.

3. New DCS200 base unit has been installed in the power cabinet by Jerry.

4. Thanks to Jerry for upgrading the DC power system.

E. New Business

          1. Elections for 2019 officers.

a. President: Charles Tucker

b. Vice president: Jerry Dupont

                    c. Treasurer: Bill Little

                    d. Secretary: Reed Ostrander

2. Reed made a motion to purchase a set of 4 rechargeable Lithium batteries and a charger for use in Club controllers.

                   a. Seconded by Bill.

                   b. The motion passed.

3. The Railfest was discussed.

a. The running was generally OK but set up was a bit slow due to the lack of hands to get the work done

4. Reed will replace some damaged track ends with GAPMASTER track ends.

          5. Bill moved that we purchase a new smaller cooler that does not leak.

 a. Seconded by Reed.

 b. The motion passed

6. Charles moved that we thank Donnie for his efforts to rent a truck and move the roundhouse modules back to the Club house. It was also moved that the Club extend a free membership period to Donnie in recognition of his heroic efforts in helping get the truck unstuck from Bill’s front yard.

 a. The motions passed.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:29 PM.


Respectfully Submitted by  D. Reed Ostrander

            Secretary Pro Tem

            PMRC HO Division                     



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