Pensacola Model Railroad Club

HO Division


Minutes of the Business Meeting

of May 6, 2014


The business meeting was called to order at 6:32 PM by President Reed Ostrander.

Officers attending: Vice-President Steve Grenot, Secretary Chip Borona and Treasurer Bill Little.

Members: Jerry DuPont


I. The Minutes of the previous meeting April 1st, were read by Secretary Chip Borona

   A. Reed moved acceptance and was seconded by Bill.

      1. The minutes were accepted.


II. The Minutes of the Roundhouse Subcommittee were read by Chairman Chip Borona

   A. Bill moved acceptance and was seconded by Jerry.

      1. The minutes were accepted.


III. The Treasurer’s report was presented by Bill Little

   A. As of this date there is $2,227.70 in the treasury.

      1. Chip moved acceptance and was seconded by Steve.

         a) The Treasurers report was accepted


IV. Announcements

   A. The next business meeting will be held at 6:30PM at Trains by Johnson on Tuesday June 3rd

   B. The next run session will be at 6:00PM at Bill’s on Tuesday May 20th , bring food to cook.

   C. The next work session will be at 1PM at Building 648 NAS on May 13th

   D. Reed read remarks of the NMRA Gulf Division President in Winter 2014 Southerner regarding the many model railroading activities in the Panhandle area.


V. Old Business

   A. Purchase of track and structures for roundhouse still needs to be completed. The recent rain storm has set back Trains by Johnson (TBJ). Orders for the roundhouse stalls should soon be on order.

   B. Reed has sent the DB150 and DCS200 to Digitrax for repairs.

   C. Reed reported on the progress being made on the work sessions at Building 648 NAS and the rewiring of the bridge module.

   D. Next is planning for and installing track work and the round house-turntable. Then comes electrical which will be for DCC only due to the major complexity of wiring for both DC and DCC.

The DCC will allow for single DC engines to travel on the track work under address "00" so all will not be lost for DC users. Still wiring will be tricky because both of the main lines will be entering

the engine service yard and it will be have to automatically block entry of DC engines from the main lines unless they are running under "00" control.


VI. New Business

   A. Jerry will look into getting a replacement tire, wheel and lock for the trailer. The one mounted but not locked on the trailer mysteriously and recently disappeared.

   B. Reed will present a short talk on methods for semi-quick weathering of rolling stock following the next meeting.

   C. A publicity flyer for the Club was discussed. TBJ would provide this flyer to customers and be available for customers.

       1. Reed is to purchase ink & paper and will print out the flyers on his home printer to save on printing costs.

       2. Bill wrote a check to Reed for $100 to cover costs.

   D. Due to a lack of a quorum, the actions of the May meeting will have to be accepted by the Club members as a whole at the June meeting.


VII. The meeting was adjourned at 7:39 PM


Respectfully Submitted by

Stephen “Chip” Borona

Secretary PMRC HO Division

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