Minutes of the Business Meeting

of October 6, 2014


The business meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by President Reed Ostrander.

Officers attending: VP Steve Grenot, Treasurer Bill Little, Secretary Chip Borona

Members: Banks Edwards, Jerry DuPont, and Rick Simmons

Guests: Dave Ramirez


I. Reading of the Minutes

A. The Minutes of the previous meeting September 1st, were read by Secretary Chip Borona.

a.   The approval of the September minutes were moved by Rick, seconded by Banks and approved by the membership.


II. The Treasurerís report was presented by Bill Little

A.     As of this date there is $1,436.29 in the treasury.

a.       The approval of the Treasurerís report were moved by Banks, seconded by Jerry and approved by the membership.


III. Announcements

A.     We received $125 from Wiregrass Model Railroad Show in Dothan, AL and $125 from the Southwest Alabama Railroad Modelers (SWARM) Train Show in Mobile, AL.

B.     The next business meeting will be held at 6:30PM at Billís Train Shed on Monday the 10th of November. The reason for the switch in dates was Reed would be out of town and a quorum of members is needed to nominate members for election at the December meeting.

a.       Members can arrive at 6:00PM to grill and eat diner, then to stay after the meeting to run trains.

b.      Bill will leave the gate on the side street open.

C.     There will not be any run sessions as the Pensacola Interstate Fair will dominate our time.

a.       Set-up will be on Sunday 12 October at 1PM continuing through Wednesday the 15 October.

b.      Run times will be from Thursday 16 Oct through the 25 October.

c.       Take down will be on the 26 October at 1PM.

d.      Reed will act as Coordinator for the layout of the modules and pick-up the passes from the Fair office.

e.       Jerry will be Load Master.


IV. Old Business

A.     Campfire Kids Tree Parade, Saturday 15 November 2014

a.       Set-up on Friday the 14 November at the Hadji Shrine Temple, 800 West Nine Mile Road Pensacola, FL 32534

b.      Time: TBA.

c.       Show on the 15 November. Show times TBA.

d.      Take-down right after the show.

e.       We will have a 2x3 module set-up. See Figure 1 below for typical layout.

f.        Banks will be acting as the Load Master.


Figure 1 - Typical 2x3 Show Layout


B.     2014 Pensacola Model Train Show, Saturday 22 November and Sunday 23 November at the Hadji Shrine Temple, 800 West Nine Mile Road Pensacola, FL 32534

a.       This is a maximum effort event for the Club as we are co-sponsors with the N-scale Division.

b.      The HO Division will set-up the same layout as the Interstate Fair.

c.       Either Jerry or Banks will act as Load Masters.

d.      Set-up on Friday 21 November at a time TBA.

C.     There is no new information to share about the NAS Childrenís Christmas Party.

D.     Dave Ramirez brought over all of the Roundhouse modules and round table.


V. New Business

A.     November is nomination for officers. Election of new officers in December and new officers will assume their duties effective January 2015.

B.     Number and schedule of 2015 shows TBD.

C.     Dave Ramirez brought to the meeting the two modules and transport rack he and Bob Murphy constructed. They we offered to the Club for $100.

a.       The members discussed the potential to replace the current yard and that leg extensions will need to be added to the metal folding legs to bring them to the standard height.

b.      The motion to purchase the modules was made by Banks and seconded by Jerry and approved by the membership.

D.     Maintenance of the trailer was discussed, especially the bearings, but no decision was made.

E.      The location of the trailer when not in use now that NAS is not available was discussed, but no decision was made.

F.      Twelve new trees for the Woodland corner is needed. Bill made a motion to look into where we can find replace trees. It was seconded by Banks and approved by the membership.

G.     The artwork on the side of the trailer is in need of replacement.  The "" web address is not the current HO Division address and the members discussed having artwork applied as with the N-Scale Division trailer. Chip volunteered to investigate what it would take to have this done.

H.     Adding handles and repair/modification of the carts to move the modules to/from the trailer was discussed. Jerry would help with the repairs and modifications (throat and yard) of the carts.


VI. Club Welfare

There was nothing to report to the membership.


VII. The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM.


Respectfully Submitted by

Stephen ďChipĒ Borona

Secretary PMRC HO Division


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