Pensacola Model Railroad Club

HO Division


Minutes of the Business Meeting

of January 7, 2014


The business meeting was called to order at 6:33 PM by President Reed Ostrander.

Officers attending: Vice-president Steve Grenot, Treasurer Bill Little, Secretary Chip Borona

Members: Jerry DuPont, Banks Edwards, Sean O’Brien, Kerry Sullivan

There were no visitors in attendance.


I. The Minutes of the previous meeting of December 3, 2013 were read by President Reed Ostrander.

  A. Banks moved acceptance and was seconded by Sean.

    1. The minutes were accepted as written.


II. The Treasurer’s report was presented by Bill Little.

  A. As of this date there is $1769.40 in the treasury.

  B. The ending balance for December 31, 2013 was 1926.13.

    1. Banks moved acceptance and was seconded by Jerry.

      a) The Treasurers report was accepted.

  C. A discussion on auditing the books came to the agreement that Banks and Bill would audit the

books and present their findings at the next meeting.

  D. Dues of membership were reviewed:

    1. Dues are $10/month or paid as a lump sum of $100/year before April 1st.

III. Announcements

  A. The next business meeting will be held at 6:30PM at Trains by Johnson on Tuesday February 4th.

  B. The next run session will be at 6:30PM at Marie's house on S. Grenot's layout on Tuesday

  January 21, 2014. Bring a train to test or run. Please let Steve know if you are going so he can get

  the appropriate amount of Pizza.

  C. The next work session will be at 2PM at Building 648 NAS on January 14th. Plan to work on the

  Power Cabinet upgrades with a new DC base unit that Bill purchased and installation of the PM-42,

  modify the corner module supports that allow the corner mods to nest and to install the new trailer


    1. The combination of the new locks are: REED (Changed with new locks Daby)


IV. Old Business

   A. Treasurers Position

    1. With Bill Little working for the next 7 months on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and

    Thursday’s, the question of Bill continuing as Treasurer was discussed. The concern was if

     PMRC HO Division Minutes of the Meeting January 7, 2014 members wanted to pay dues or present receipts

    when Bill was not available, who would take on that responsibility. The conclusion was that Banks

    offered to be Bill’s Deputy Treasurer.

      a) Sean moved acceptance and was seconded by Jerry.

        (1) Banks was appointed to the new position of Deputy Treasurer.

  B. Toys for Tots

    1. The Marines were unable to pick-up the train sets this year due to a lack of manpower, so

      the train sets had to dropped off at a TFT depot. Many thanks go to Charles Tucker for

      volunteering to drop off the train sets.

C. Campfire Kids Show

    1. The Club received a nice thank-you note from event organizer Patricia Madison for our

    two day participation at the Show held in the same location and building for the Pensacola

    Interstate Fair.

    2. Thanks go out to all club members who helped set-up, participate and take-down,

      a) A special thanks to Dave Ramirez for his help with the Show.

  D. NAS Christmas Show

    1. This show was problematic with low member participation and having to locate the

    trailer in an inconvenient which did not permit ready access to equipment when needed.

    2. A special thank-you goes to Reed who ended up shouldering the bulk of the work in

    order to make our attendance a success.

      a) In the future, it will be understood that members who vote YES for the club to

      participate at an event, means that they commit to work and participate.

  E. Additional snubbers to avoid voltage overages.

    1. Banks led the discussion with a handout from NCE on recommended snubber use.

  F. Repair of Club’s DCS 200

    1. Reed had notice over-voltages with the unit. It appears that a bad voltage regulator is the

    problem and the unit was sent back to Digitrax for repairs.

  G. Roundhouse Module.

   1. Reed raised the question if members were still interested in building a new Roundhouse

    Module. This had been placed on the back burner for some time and it was the consensus that

    yes the Club wanted to pursue the idea.

      a) Steve moved acceptance and was seconded by Sean.

        (1) The building of a Club Roundhouse Engine Service Module was accepted.

      b) Chip volunteered to head the committee and Steve would serve as Deputy.

      c) Steve proposed that work on the module could be conducted at Marie’s in the old

      proposed clubhouse.


V. New Business

  A. Upcoming Train Shows were discussed

    1. Foley AL on March 22nd & 23rd

      a) This event is sponsored by SWARM and will replace the old Fairhope Train Show.

      b) Reed will contact Glenn Samuels (205) 914-0693 for more information on our


    2. Tallahassee FL in June

    3. Mobile Train Show in September

      a) This event is sponsored by SWARM and will be the 2nd Annual Show.

    4. Dothan AL in September

    5. Flomaton AL next weekend after Dothan

    6. Pensacola Interstate Fair in October

    7. Campfire Kids in December.

      a) It is too early to tell if there will be another show.

    8. NAS Christmas Train Show

      a) It is too early to tell if there will be another show.

  B. Club Activities

    1. The merits of club members making time to participating in events was discussed. It is

    more fun when many members can be at run sessions and attend shows. These events are

    known well in advance for members to make the time to join in.

  C. Mike Luker and BLAB TV offer

    1. Reed brought to the Club’s attention that we had the opportunity to create a Club Promo

    for BLAB TV. The air time cost would be $1,000 for a 15 minute spot.

      a) The Club unanimously showed no interest in investing our limited resources on such a venture.

      b) It would be better to spend the money on a yearly Pensacola Train Show.

  D. Projects requiring Club Funds

    1. The idea of adding signaling to the mods was discussed. This would be an additional live

      action function such as the road crossing to add more animation and interest for spectators.

        a) No member offered a motion to the idea.

    2. The idea of adding signage to the Club Trailer was next discussed. At issue was the

    content of the images and design layout.

      a) No member offered a motion to the idea.


VI. The meeting was adjourned at 8:10PM


Respectfully Submitted by

Stephen “Chip” Borona

Secretary PMRC HO Division

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