Pensacola Model Railroad Club

HO Division


Minutes of the Business Meeting

of January 11, 2011

I. The business meeting was called to order at 6:47 PM by President Ron Hartman.

            Members attending: President Ron Hartman, Vice-president Steve Grenot, Treasurer Bill Little, Secretary Reed Ostrander, Members: Cody Beers, Tim Beers, Chip Borona, Dennis McDermott, Bob Murphy, Jackie Nelson, Charles Tucker; Visitor: Art Sherman.

            A. Announcements

1. The January run session will on Jan. 18th at 6:00PM at Steve Grenotís layout. Pizza will be served. For directions call Steve at 456-7278 (home) or 529-9136 (cell).

            B. Minutes of the previous meeting of December 7, 2010 were read by Secretary Reed Ostrander.

                        1. Tim moved acceptance and seconded by Steve.

                                    a. The minutes were accepted as written.

            C. The treasurerís report was presented by Bill Little.

                        1. As of this date there is $501.84 in the treasury.

                                    a.  Dennis moved acceptance, seconded by Tim.

                                    b. The report was accepted as presented.

            D. Old Business

1. Bill noted that Banks is tracking who is paid-up on Anderson plugs used. Please pay up if you have not done so.

                                    a. Cost is 64Ę per set of 2. A set of plugs for a module (2 tables) is $5.00.

                                    b. The plug supply is kept in the power cabinet.

c. Banks has received an additional supply of plugs and they are in the hands of Ron who will place them in the power cabinet.

                        2. Reed handed out an updated membership list as of Jan. 1, 2011.

3. Chip needs to know if there are to be any room cancellations for the Atlanta show. This will avoid any charges for unused rooms. As of this date 3 rooms will be needed.

                                    a. Room charges will be $89.00 per night.

b. Chip handed out maps to the show site (Cobb Galleria in Atlanta and adjoining Atlanta Waverly Hotel).

4. Reed and Bob will arrange work sessions to complete work on modules and check new ones.

            E. New Business

                        1. President Ron announced appointments for the 2011 year:

a. Quarter Master: Bob Murphy and Assistant Quarter Master Dennis McDermott.

                                    b. Welfare: Steve Grenot and Bill Little.

                                    c. Standards Committee: Reed Ostrander, Jackie Nelson, Chip Borona.

                                    d. Historian: Reed Ostrander.

                                    e. Elections Officer: Marion Johnson.


2. President Ron proposed a budget for 2011 as percentages of total income based on past years expenditures:

                                    a. Insurance - 23%

                                    b. Trailer maintenance - 15%

                                    c. Modules  - 20%

                                    d. Miscellaneous - 22%

1) Reed moved the budget be approved and was seconded by Dennis.

                                                2) After discussion the budget was approved.

                        3. Bob will buy a new set of tires for the trailer.

4. Ron noted that he will have a new set of Club fliers printed before the Atlanta show.

            F. The meeting was adjourned at 7:46 PM


Respectfully Submitted by  D. Reed Ostrander


            PMRC HO Division


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