Pensacola Model Railroad Club

HO Division


Minutes of the Business Meeting

of December 7, 2010


I. The business meeting was called to order at 6:36 PM by President Ron Hartman.

Members attending: President Ron Hartman, Vice-president Steve Grenot, Treasurer Dennis McDermott, Secretary Reed Ostrander, Members: Cody Beers, Tim Beers, Chip Borona, Banks Edwards, Marion Johnson, Bill Little, Jackie Nelson, Charles Tucker. Visitor: Art Sherman.

            A. Announcements

1. The club held a minute of silence to remember Pearl Harbor and all who have served in our armed forces.

                        2. The holiday dinner will be this Saturday. See item D.3. below.

B. Minutes of the previous meeting of November 2, 2010 were read by Secretary Reed Ostrander.

                        1. Banks moved acceptance and was seconded by Bill.

                                    a. The minutes were accepted as written.

            C. The treasurer’s report was presented by Bill Little substituting for Dennis McDermott.

1. As of this date there is $305.54 in the treasury. Last month’s balance was $1191.74.

                        2. Bill noted that 2 members still owe their 2010 dues.

                        3. Some members still owe for their Anderson plugs.

                                    a.  Reed moved acceptance, seconded by Chip.

                                    b. The report was accepted as presented.

            D. Old Business

1. Secretary Reed read a thank you note from Janet Hartman for the card sent by the club during her recent stay in the hospital.                   

                        2. Reed noted the dates for the Atlanta show:

a. setup will be on Friday Feb. 11. Run days will be Saturday Feb. 12 and Sunday Feb. 13. Take down will be Sunday at 5:00 PM.

b. Chip will take care of hotel reservations. Chip is the coordinator for this show.

                                    c. The following members have agreed to the Atlanta show:

                                                1) Ron Hartman

                                                2) Dennis McDermott

                                                3) Reed Ostrander

                                                4) Gary Ostrander (Reed’s brother)

                                                5) Cody and Tim Beers

                                                6) Chip Borona

                                                7) Bob Murphy

                                                8) Robert Rusnack

3. The holiday dinner will be at the Macaroni Grill in Cordova Mall on Saturday Dec. 11 at 6:30PM.

                        4. Ron noted that a new 402d Digitrax radio controller has been purchased.

5. Reed announced that the speed recorders are in his hands and need to be installed.

6. Reed also noted that the barbed wire for the packing house corner is also in and ready to be installed.

7. Reed made a motion to change the due date for paying full year dues early   should be changed from March 1 to April 15.

                                    a. The motion was seconded by Charles.

                                    b. The motion passed.

8. Bill noted that if you pay before April 15, dues for the 2011 year will be $100.00 rather that $120.00 if paid monthly.

9. Steve said he will get a picture of the rear of a caboose suitable for transfer to the rear of the trailer.

            E. New Business

                        1. Reed noted that we need Anderson plugs of all colors.

                                    a. Banks said he will take care of ordering new plugs.

2. Reed noted that we need to have some work sessions to upgrade modules (speedometer, fix plug errors, install barbed wire fencing, finish road surface on yard branch module).

3. Second lieutenant Rob Benda and Master Sargent Roberto Rivera arrived to accept the 14 train sets the club has purchased for donation to Toys for Tots.

            F. The meeting was adjourned at 7:25PM.


Respectfully Submitted by  D. Reed Ostrander


            PMRC HO Division


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