I. Aviators refer to these types of directions as the Rules of Engagement  


        Nothing is making me happier than seeing our club grow.  It has been a dream of mine for many, many years.    I want everybody to know that they are welcome at any time, day or night to run trains. The roundhouse is up and running, with just a few small items to take care.  The bridge is also almost ready to go.  New members are joining, and hopefully COVID 19 will soon be in the rearview mirror. But, since so many people are coming now, at a variety of days and times, we all need to establish and then follow some ROEs J

      1.  I mentioned in an earlier e-mail about notifying us (me or my wife) if you think you are coming and you think you might need the bathroom.

      2.  I also mentioned that I need people to stop parking on the front lawn.  There are water pipes running through there, and I can’t afford to break a water line.  At this time, park on the driveway if you can’t park on side street.  Worst case scenario will be that you might need to move your car, but we seldom go anywhere at night anymore.  

      3.  When you enter the yard you must immediate close the gate behind you so the dogs can’t get out if they are in the yard.  If you are carrying something please put it down and close the gate.  You may not even see them, but trust me, they can go from one side of the yard to the other in less than 10 seconds. 

      4.  Please text / e-mail / or call me if you are planning to eat.  Run nights start at 6  so I start cooking at around 5, and business meetings start at 6:30 so I usually start cooking on those night at  5:30.  I can keep something warm for you if you are running late, but I need to know you are coming. 

      5.  Feel free to turn heat / A/C  up or down but please return it to its original position if you are the last one out.

      6. People are always asking what they can bring.  Water is always a great idea, sodas, chips (small bags, large ones go stale) rolls, cookies, even meat.  Just don’t bring too much, storage space is limited at this time.

      7.  We need to discuss the possibility of having times to sign up for a track to run your train.  We have 4 tracks, and soon we will have the round house going at full capacity. If we are running DCC you all know we can have more than 4 trains going.  But, I feel some people are not getting to run, because the tracks are all full.  We have done this for years during shows, so we might want to think about it for busy run nights ??? 

     8. I am working to get rid of as much “junk” as I can so we will have a little more room to move around, but unless we find another better place we need to start paying attention to what we are doing.

     9. If you are not returning immediately to rn, please pick up you gear and equipment so there is space for other ot run.

The key to the club house in stored in the usual place. PLEASE return it there when you leave!!

Well, that is it for now, regards  Bill. Club House Manager

II. Liability

There is no liability to PMRC/HO DIV for any personal equipment damaged when used on the show or club layouts


updated 13 Jan 2022